Wab794 Side Tank Badge

Wab794 Restoration Progress - 2003
Mainline Test Run

Wab794 Side Tank Badge

On the 7th of July 2003 the Wab ventured onto the mainline under its own steam, with DFT 7104 in tow. The Wab made two trips to Palmerston North and was turned each time.
The first trips were at slow speed 30-40Kph. Then speed and dynamic loads (from the DFT) were gradually increased. The last trip from Palmerston North to Feilding was a stability test and was run at the Wab's maximum speed.

Everything on the mainline test trip worked perfectly and a mainline certificate will be issued in due course.

Wab & DFT in Feilding In the Feilding Yard just before the first trip to Palmerston North.
Wab in Feilding The Wab departing Feilding for Palmerston Nth for its mainline test.
Wab in Bunnythorpe The Wab passing through Bunnythorpe on the last trip home.

Photos taken by Stan Jenkins

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