Wab794s Most Excellent Adventure DVD

Wab794 Most Excellent Adventure DVD In October 2006, Wab794 travelled to Dunedin to attend the Dunedin Station celebrations. This DVD covers the trip over its entire length from Feilding to Dunedin, over to Greymouth and back to Feilding, it was filmed over 15 days and is condensed into a 1hr and 49 minute DVD. The DVD is fully narrated and features the Wab doubling heading with Ab663 and Jb1236. It also includes stunning footage of tough climbs out of Picton and working the Cass bank on the Midland Line. This DVD is a must see for the Wab fan. The DVD was produced by Feilding and Districts Steam Rail Society members Mike Prior and Janine Evans. It was filmed by eight different people.

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